How to celebrate wedding with Vietnam brides

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Marry Vietnam brides and Vietnam traditional wedding is one of the most important rituals in Vietnamese culture with influences from the Confucian ideology and Buddhism.

It is an important day of your Vietnam brides not only for the couple but also for the whole family. Therefore, it usually consists of a few formal ritual observances.

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Vietnam brides
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Wedding of Vietnam brides

On the day of the wedding, the procession of the groom’s family is leading in a specific order. The first one will be the representative of the house of the groom’s father followed the groom, the groom, then the rest of the family and close friends.

In the past, the groom’s mother can not participate in the parade as a sign that she was not a threat to the future bride; she would even “hidden” in a short time after the bride welcome to the home of the groom. However, this action has long been abandoned. Some people join the procession of the groom vary but are usually limited to a smaller number (20 or more) to make it easier for the family of the bride, but to get all the customers.

During the procession, the groom, his family and his friends bear box ornate lacquer, covered in red cloth. Inside the gift box represents the wealth that the groom’s family will bring to the family of the bride. Gifts are betel, fruits, pastries, a pig spinning, fabric, and an abundance of jewelry for the bride. Typically, the amount of the gift box is 5, 7, or 9 [This number must be odd. The gifts are covered by red paper or cloth. Belief in Vietnam, odd and red will bring good luck to the young couple.]

Upon arriving home brides, light procession fireworks to warn the bride’s family, who own a light bulb then welcome the groom’s cannon. The members of the parade was introduced to the bride’s family, and the family of the bride to introduce its members to the procession. His groom give gifts to the bride’s family, and he was allowed to greet the bride, who finally came up.

Ceremony begins at the altar allowed the ancestors of the bride. The bride and groom burn incense, for permission to bless their ancestors. The couple turned and bowed to the parents, for by raising and protecting them. The bride and groom then bowed to each other.

A candlelight ceremony and formal tea with the following speech. While tea has always been an essential part of life Vietnam, Vietnamese tea culture is not complicated or rigid rituals as their counterparts in China, Japan or Korea. A traditional wedding can be the only time in the life of a Vietnam which a formal tea ceremony is essential.

The Vietnam brides and groom, in front of all their customers, will be returned to their parents. Each parent will then give advice on marriage and the family to the couple. A candlelight ceremony will follow, symbolizing the participation of the bride and groom and the joining of two families. the groom’s gift box full of jewelry will be opened by the groom’s mother, who will then put pieces on the bride for good luck.

Due to the influence of the West in the concept of wedding rings, modern weddings still include making jewelry for the bride, but was followed by an exchange of wedding bands between oil and the cheap. However, the Vietnamese Catholic families for the exchange of wedding rings for own church.

The bride and groom’s home

When the procession back to the groom’s house, the family members of the groom, but not participate in the parade but will light firecrackers in celebration. The bride and groom will be taken to the altar of the ancestors of the groom, where the ceremony took place and the bride is introduced to the relatives of the groom. Finally, the bride is brought to the couple’s room and shown their marriage bed.

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