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Vietnamese women dating Ms Hang Le from Ho Chi Minh city, She is now 30 years old. Her height is 160cm and her weight is 45kg. Single and hope to find love with a website.

I am cheerful, communicative, and social. I like to make everyone around me happy. I want harmony in home and a special atmosphere where you can feel relaxed and at ease. I can listen when it’s needed and I will always hear what the person says. I have a lot of experience in this because I grew up in a big family. I have a big heart open for love. I can compare myself with a miniature poodle: loyal and with a soft character. I am a very bright person so you will never get bored with me. Do you know about wedding of vietnamese girl, she look so wonderful

I am not an ideal woman. If you believe in miracles, I can appear in your life so unexpectedly that you will lose control and admire my feminine charms and will try to become part of my life. I don’t mind the place where to live with my man or his status or other trivia. So long as we both and our children live in mutual respect and care and all of us feel comfortable I will be happy. I want a mutual understanding, honesty and loyalty in relations. Make him smile every time he sees me and make him want to hold me in his arms forever.

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