Vietnamese lady Ms Thu

Vietnamese lady

Vietnamese lady not only beautiful, slim, nice but also are faithful with their mate

Hello guys, Happy to introduce you Vietnamese lady – Ms Thu, she is 19 Years old. Now living in Ho Chi Minh City. Her height is 156, her weight is 44kg. Highschool graduated and now is a cook in Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh city.

Her description:  “If you want to find your true love then here I am!  I am a Kind person with soft character and big open heart. Open for love and caress! I am a communicative person. My friends like to spend time with me, because they know I have a good sense of humor and they won’t ever get bored with me. I love cooking and take care of family, prepare a delicious dinner meal for family make me happy. I love traditional food, chinese food, europe food. All vietnamese lady can cook a delicious meal. I want to care and surround with love and warmth my husband and children. I’m cheerful and vivid person and I’m sure that my family will be the happiest one with me.

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Vietnamese lady Ms Thu

I looking for a man with a good sense of humor. I need someone kind, generous, intelligent, purposeful. Need someone to talk to at night or during a family dinner, to laugh together and to travel all around the world. I am not one of those persons that will stay at home every weekend. I am the one who will make your day full of happy. Thank you and please serious when contact, i think better you can send me some pictures of you. <3″

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Vietnamese lady

Ms Thu is using Viber and Line, if you want contact her can sign up and we will reply.

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