Vietnam girl Facebook Ms Luong Cancer Zodiac Sign

Vietnam girl Facebook Ms Luong is Cancer Zodiac Sign. She is finding foreign love. This is her note.

In the beginning, you’ll feel confused. I’m friendly, cold or hard to approach? Are you still wondering? My mood always changes. I’m a Cancer zodiac, so the same as the Moon’s changing shape and appearance, it slowly grows into a perfect circle in the sky with a silver shimmer, then it gradually disappears like a thin sliver of faint light. Yet, the moon doesn’t really change at all, it just seems to. Likewise, I’m just myself through all tones up and down of emotion.

My basic personality doesn’t change. I’m very sensitive, psychologically. And most traits of Vietnamese girls are hidden under the hard crust, indifference and hard to approach me. You will have to gently remove the crust of mine to see all of my essence.

Very sentimental, I have vivid and long- enduring memories of the past. I can remember many things from when I was 3 years old. I hold each emotion fast with a retentive memory. But I’m also very woolgathering when I’m inadvertent.

What is your dream? When I was 5 years old, I used to imagine I’m owner of the universe :)) There’s hardly a detail I can’t imagine.

I like to keep reminiscences: chat history, greeting cards, gifts, old photos with stains, sweaters from when I was 5 years old…

Each memory is etched in my heart. Sometimes the memory makes me laugh, sometimes it causes me to weep with sadness.

I love the water, beach. Walk in the moonlight with imagination, when the light of the Moon shine in my eyes and the compelling sound of the surf fills my ears, maybe I’ll turn into a sea nymph :))))) hahaha

I also love gardens. Sometimes I walk around my garden, it makes me feel relaxed, great When I am old I will want to have so many trees and flowers at home. It is nice.

My home is where I live, sleep with dreams, feel safe. I like staying at home @@ I use to staying at home and I rarely go out since my best friend got married. Will you come to change me?

And I secretly enjoy attention ^^ But my nature is not longing for halo between the public, not passionate about reputation, sometimes I like to hide myself.

I’m also a well of secrecy. People automatically confide their secrets to me, and with Cancer zodiac sensitive emotions I already know what’s on their minds, and as my imagination lets me easily guess the parts they leave out. I’m very good at listening, comforting, and motivating others. But I guard my inner feelings carefully. I like to keep secrets.

My melancholy mood can engulf myself in ocean depressed and my imagination seizes joy and despair, horror and com­passion, sorrow, and impassioned ecstatic. My fears always with me, a vague sense of nameless dangers, lurking in the shadows. I’m sometimes piling up tangibles against some imaginary future disaster: tsunami, earthquake… I’m afraid of lightning and thunder, afraid of sharks (Deep Blue Sea 1999 is a film that I watched with my family and my aunt when I was 7 years old, and it haunted me for a long time).

If I have a cranky mood, give you a cranky answer when you ask. I’m not angry with you. I’m disappointed with life. I’ll get over it, and be cheerful when the Moon changes.

The crab’s sensitive nature is covered with a hard shell, and hides powerful emotion. A Vietnamese girl’s heart is soft at the core, under a hard outer shell.

My tears are never crocodile tears. Deep tears of fragile and vulnerable heart. A harsh glance or a rough voice can hurt my sensitive feelings. It won’t be easy to spot the crab in this mood, because when I’m hurt, I’ll hide under a protective crust and disappear into reproachful silence, seek retreat and solitude.

My laugh is special and hard to ignore. It can run up and down, it may giggle or make excessive noise. In a good mood, I’ll be the funniest one, laughest in the room. Ah, some friends told me that the expression on my face is very special, it shows so many different moods when I’m excited to tell stories. I hope my eyes can talk too 😀

I regard my laugh as a companion. Cheerfulness, optimism and laughter, regular daily in large doses, I think it will keep my mind and body healthy. As I imagine myself to feel, so shall I actually feel.

My emotions seem stronger than the physical body. Can ill because worry and cheerfulness can make me well. I’m so prone to let negative thoughts bring on illness, yet also can create such miracles of self-healing, and I’m very good at comforting myself. It’s a strange contradiction.

I’m always looking for a sense of security. I just like good men. A good man: Polite, Mature, Calm, Patience (Plus point if likes cooking). I love creative things.

My emotions are rich, colorful and varied, but for all that, sometimes I feel lonely.

I like to be very close to other people. I need emotional support myself and am willing to give it to others.

Crab never go directly after what crab wants. Crab moves in every direction but straight ahead. Seldom openly aggressive, the typical hesitates. So, I hope you’ll make the first move and I’m just backwards or sideways. Because of my shy nature and fear that I won’t be accepted. But this made my old relationship fail. So since last year, I have changed myself. I like to be active in relationships. If I think you are a good man and I think you also like me too, I’ll try to have you, I’ll actively flirt with you, because I chose you. But I still like when you text me first, because maybe I’ll feel like I’m annoying you and you might feel a bit too clingy. And I’ll know that you actually want to talk to me and you spent time thinking of me. So when you are thinking about me, let me know, spend a few seconds to text me a message. Maybe I’m missing you too

I hate to be criticized, I’m deeply wounded by ridicule, and I just can’t stand being rejected.

My feelings are so sensitive, the slightest unintentional remark can wound me harshly. It’s hard to know when I’ll suddenly become vulnerable to hidden meanings. When I’m angry, I want to cry.

I am easily irritable, sulking, and sometimes conservative. But fortunately, with sensitivity, if I love you, I’ll see what I need to change to be in harmony with you.

No matter how much love I get, I always need more. Tell me your feelings. I miss you!!

My heart often makes me feel too vulnerable. I fear the loss of loved ones. Maybe it’s you. Reassure me, words of love are music to my ears.

I’m afraid I’m not a good person, I’m ugly, I’m not smart enough, I’m not young enough, I’m not a good cook… I always feel inadequate. Let me know I have you 🙂

I may be afraid you don’t love me enough. Hope you’ll go ahead and prove it-as often as you like ^^ I’ll be nicely receptive

I have this little habit of saving things. Someday in the unpredictable future, I may need it. Everything has a sentimental value. I treasures the things I owns and guards them jealousy. That, of course, includes you. But don’t worry I’m not possessive or not so much jealous.

I’m also one of those who never step back in front of less fortunate things. I may shed a few quiet tears alone, but will wait patiently for change the next time, I always believe I’ll be happy. Will you be a little more interested? Listen to the music with me, and hold my hand tenderly. I want to be spoiled like kids.

I hope I’ll have your truth and your love. When you’re with me, you can be happy, sad, sulky, even frail in your own way.

If things went badly and you feel miserable, I’ll never let you down. I’ll tell a joke to get you to laugh. Then I’ll fill your stomach, and after you’re relaxed, I want to gently smooth away your worries with motivation, encouragement, sensible advice and my rich humor.

I always wanted to be comforted that you were aspirants and you always needed to be beside me. I need you to drape protectively and care for me. However, I’m not really a person who is too weak, I am also fully capable of taking care of myself. I can be very vulnerable when Vietnam girl feelings are trampled, but when you need me, I can be tough as the rocks of Gibraltar.

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