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한국 소년은 베트남 소녀를 만났을 때 결혼하지 않겠다는 맹세를 포기했다.

그 모임은 6 년 전 이었지만 여전히 Nguyen Thai Hoa의 마음 속에 있습니다 (빈 푸 from의 28 세). 그날 한국인 인 32 세의 은세는 2 년간 남편이었습니다. 그들은 Ho Chi Minh City의 2 구역 아파트에 Cún이라는 짧은 머리 고양이를두고 행복하게 살고 부모라고 주장합니다.

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Vietnamese disabilities girl happy with American husband is less than 8 years old

In an instant Nhi immersed herself in her memories, not finding her husband Dustin Beach, 28, wrapped her arms around her from behind, rubbing her face on her wife’s thin neck. “Darling, I miss you,” Dustin said, after almost 2 hours studying in the outside room, and his wife working in the inner room. He always gives his wife such passionate glances, sometimes confuses Nhi, even though he has been married for 5 years.

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The American guy spends two months at night eating fried chicken waiting for Vietnamese girls

Because of his love for Ngoc, Ezra decided to leave his family and quit his managerial job in the US to return to Japan to find her.

Nearly two years of sharing the house, the life of Tran Thanh Ngoc, 26 years old, native of Quang Binh, and Ezra Smith, 24, Texas, USA, is still passionate as a lover. Their happiness is even more fulfilling because there is more than one year old girl. Whenever recalling her love, Ngoc still considered it a “fate”, because there were times when their lives were turned in two directions.

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Vietnam traditional wedding

Groom from US. Thank to Mrs. Long “I call it a dream wedding because it surpasses my expectations. Remembering we’couple planning and preparing for the wedding, there are really too many memories to tell you. In order to have such a happy and meaningful day, I am very grateful to my parents and our two families for respecting our decision because we just want to have a cozy and small wedding, not same as the wedding is often seen in Vietnam. Thank you to the good friends who have rolled over to help me without bothering with the remuneration, even the sincere friends who are not afraid to fly away from the US and Singapore to attend their happy days. My husband and I are really lucky and happy to receive the blessing of everyone!”

And What happens in a traditional wedding ceremony?

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