Top 15 most famous and beautiful singers and actresses in Vietnam 2021

To be famous, to be noticed by many audiences, actors and singers must not only have a good voice or acting ability, but also have looks and a friendly personality with fans. There are singers with a gentle style, but there are singers with a sexy style. The following article will help you know more about the top 15 most famous and beautiful female singers and actresses in Vietnam.

Huong Tram – Sexy Vietnamese Singer who earns $100k every month

When she first appeared in Vietnamese showbiz, Huong Tram once shared that she wanted to pursue a sexy style but was not really confident in her height. However, with constant efforts to improve her appearance, she has been considered one of the sexiest female singers in Vietnamese showbiz so far.

Three years after being crowned in The Voice Vietnam, Huong Tram quickly lost weight to have a slim, good-looking body. So far, whenever she has the opportunity, Huong Tram often posts bikini pictures on her personal page or in revealing outfits. This Vietnamese woman’s sexy bikini photos show off her sexy body curves and are ready to “beat” men.Check out her latest photos at

Bao Anh – Hot Vietnamese Singer who was once involved in an affair scandal with a famous director

It is known that this is not the first time that singer Bao Anh shows off her figure with a bikini, recently she has had a spectacular makeover from the image of a gentle female singer to become a member of a large family passionate about sexy women of Vietnamese showbiz. Now the audience will have to admire a hot sexy Bao Anh that is not inferior to any other hot girl, model, or singer.


Bao Anh’s posts show off her body curves in bikini photos during luxury vacation trips to constantly receive winged compliments from fans. Many admire the hot sexy images on her personal page with 1.7 million followers which led Bao Anh into becoming an internet idol, receiving much admiration and praise for being brave enough to share such private moments that most would not dare post online due its general culture of modesty within society today. Check out her latest photos at

Min – Sexy Vietnamese Beauty who was mistaken for a Korean singer

For a long time, Min has been known as one of the most beautiful singers in Vietnam. Recently, the owner of the hit “Love” has stripped away the cute and innocent image to replace it with extremely sexy and seductive images.

Last night, this young Vietnamese woman caused a stir in the online community when posting a set of lingerie photos showing all three extremely sexy rounds. We can easily see Min’s perfect figure in the set of photos, when the singer’s 3 rings are cleverly shown. Besides, viewers are attracted to the frames by her chic and cool aura.

Not only bold on stage, but also in real life Min also began to completely change from sweet, feminine to sexy style. The singer, born in 1988, often chooses sexy bikini outfits to show off her seductive body. Check out her latest photos at

Si Thanh – Top Sexy Vietnamese Singer and beauty blogger whose private life is the most interested in Vietnamese showbiz

Si Thanh is known to the audience for her role as a VJ in a number of television programs dedicated to young people, later she entered many other fields such as acting, singing, modeling, beauty blogger and business through network.

Having started her career as a sex symbol in Vietnam, the singer has been known to wear revealing outfits and daring gowns. She is not afraid of showing off some skin and will often choose clothes with deep necklines for dresses that cut high at the thigh.

On her personal page, she often shares charming photos with a happy, loving mood. The former lover of the YouTube Diamond button is not afraid to wear underwear, showing a lot of skin on public photos. Si Thanh’s “round and round” body makes the girls look and admire this Vietnamese babe. Check out her latest photos at

Ho Ngoc Ha – Hot Vietnamese Singer – Cuong Dola’s ex-wife has now given birth to 2 children with new lover Kim Ly

Ho Ngoc Ha, born on November 25, 1984, is considered one of the most famous singers and models of Vietnamese showbiz. Although she has passed the age of 40, this girl still makes many people admire her sweet beauty and desirable hot body.

That is also the reason why Ha Ho often shows off her body curves in two-piece bikini outfits. Ho Ngoc Ha is known as one of the female singers who are very willing to play, she has a sexy body and the most sexy fashion sense in the entertainment industry. She always knows how to attract the attention of social media users. Although the peak period has passed, Ha Ho still has a strong following with nearly 5 million followers. Each post of the 8x female singer often attracts hundreds of thousands of interactions, especially every time she posts a sexy photo showing off her breasts, this number increases many times.

Ho Ngoc Ha, who is now in her 40s but still looks incredibly hot and sexy with toned legs that make the 8x model look even more attractive when she wears nude outfits or super small bikinis. Check out her latest photos at

Toc Tien – Sexy Vietnamese Singer who was rejected by her mother for following the path of singing

Although she is almost 30 years old, Toc Tien still possesses a youthful, cheerful personality and an irresistible sexy appearance. Recently, the Vietnamese beauty shared an image of wearing a light pink bikini posing on the white sand at the beach on the occasion of her vacation on her instagram page. Posting this picture, Toc Tien wrote: “A little summer vacation shows that I am young”.

Possessing a height of nearly 1m7 with three standard measurements of 92 – 62 – 93cm, Toc Tien posted hot bikini photos that makes the opposite person “stand still”.

After becoming a wife, the audience guessed that the sexy Vietnamese woman would wear less sexy clothes, but in fact she hardly changed her style. In many photos, Toc Tien is not bold, wearing tight clothes but still full of sexy. Check out her latest photos at

Angela Phuong Trinh – Hottest Vietnamese Actress


Officially entered showbiz from a very young age with innocent and innocent roles. After 17 years, now Angela Phuong Trinh is no longer a “child mother” or a “fashion queen” that causes fever every day. From a thin, black actress, the beauty born in 1995 is gradually becoming more mature through her roles, especially creating a huge attraction when she completely transforms with the image of a Vietnamese sexy beauty. Possessing a beautiful face and fiery body, Angela Phuong Trinh can be considered a Vietnam sexy symbol of the new generation of V-biz.

In addition to the increasingly sharp face, the star born in 1995 also made people admire the oversized round 3. “I can’t believe it, for the first time in my life I’m 55 kg and butt is 100 – A really round number”, the actress exclaimed.

With a measurement of up to 100 cm, the actress is likened to the world-famous Kim super round 3 in Vietnam. Confident with standard body measurements, this hottest Vietnamese actress always cleverly shows her advantages everywhere from private spaces to public places.


Check out her latest photos at

Elly Tran – Sexiest Model with the hottest measurements in Vietnamese showbiz

Elly Tran is a mother and former model who has been in the spotlight since her teenage years. At 30, she still radiates hotness with salt-and-pepper hair that highlights her sizzling brown eyes and pouty lips. This sexy Vietnamese babe’s also maintained an impeccably fit body after two pregnancies – even though it hasn’t stopped many from admiring its curves on social media (where you can find plenty of bikini snaps).


The boldest mark of Elly Tran that is remembered by the public is her hot, voluptuous appearance. Among the beauties of showbiz, few young mothers are as daring and sexy as this Vietnamese sexy model who has dared to post many provocative photos on social media like Facebook where she currently boasts over 1 million likes.

Elly Tran is one of the most attractive women in Vietnam, defined by her impressive measurements. She’s 1.68m tall and weighs 45kg but has three key measures – 88-59-92.

Possessing a sexy body with an ideal 3-round measurement, Elly Tran always knows how to show off her beautiful curves at every angle, making viewers unable to take their eyes off. Check out her latest photos at

Ngan Khanh – Beautiful Vietnamese Actress

Singer and actress Ngan Khanh temporarily left showbiz to study in Singapore after getting married in early 2015. The Vietnamese beauty has an impressive film fortune such as Bride of War, Ma dai, House of 5 fairies, When in love Don’t look back, Saigon Beauty, etc.

In an interview in September 2020, Ngan Khanh said that she had completed a film production course in Singapore. Currently, this beautiful Vietnamese woman has returned to Vietnam.

Ngan Khanh is not only loved by the audience because of her natural acting talent, she is also the focus of the online community because of her beautiful appearance. Ngan Khanh has a lovely face, a standard body with long slender legs. Check out her latest photos at

Maya – Hottest Vietnamese Actress

Maya once said: “As a girl, everyone wants to be attractive, hot and sexy. I’m on stage but not sexy, who wants to watch?”. This concept of dress style is also applied by the sexy Vietnamese female singer born in 1988 to fashion photos.

Having followed the path of a professional model, her good-looking face and sexy body helped her receive many invitations to take pictures. The images “branded” Maya are always hot and bold. Even the beauty whose real name is Mai Thu Huong is not afraid to dress up in front of the camera lens.

Just type the keyword phrase “Sexy Maya” on the toolbar, followers can get more than 17 million results within 0.16 seconds, accompanied by extremely attractive images of this hot Vietnamese babe.

Hoang Thuy Linh – Beautiful Vietnamese Singer – a phoenix from the ashes after the scandal of a leaked sensitive clip at the age of 18

Hoang Thuy Linh (born in 1988), is the clearest proof of her outstanding maturity after the events. After more than 10 years of joining the entertainment industry, this talented and beautiful woman from Vietnam has had a clear makeover in terms of beauty, talent and fashion style.


Not long ago, Hoang Thuy Linh attracted attention when she shared two bikini photos posing on the beach. In the photo, the singer, born in 1989, wears a black two-piece swimsuit that highlights her bright white skin, and designer pants with cutouts on both sides highlight her sexy bust.

Although it is not uncommon for the voice of “Let me tell you” to post sexy photos on her personal page, this is the rare time she shares bikini photos and is still somewhat “discreet” than other beauties in Vietnamese showbiz. Check out her latest photos at

Minh Hang – A Singer who transform from a chubby figuire to a sexy fit body

Right from the first days of joining the entertainment industry, Minh Hang was fondly called by fans with the nickname “baby piggy”. And part of the reason for this very funny nickname comes from the somewhat chubby appearance of the female singer. However, until now, Minh Hang has completely changed into a very sexy and beautiful Vietnamese singer. Physical beauty seems to have become the driving force that makes Minh Hang more confident in wearing bikini outfits.

Just looking at the recent pictures posted by Minh Hang on his personal social networking site is enough to see that. Not the first time showing off her bikini look on social networks, but obviously, every time Minh Hang wears revealing clothes, a beauty makes fans stand still because of her perfect shape to every centimeter. And this time is no exception.

Looking at the picture, one can easily see the “deadly” beautiful body curve with the round chest and slim waist of Minh Hang peeking out in the bikini design with a bold open cut design that combines the details. Eye-catching knitting detail. Besides, this hot Vietnamese woman is also very skillful when mixing & matching a unique bikini with jeans shorts, both avoiding offensive poses, and still showing off her super slim legs.


Check out her latest photos at

Bich Phuong – Sexy and Pretty Singer from Vietnam

Once a princess familiar with sad ballads, Bich Phuong had a “revolution” in her image when she changed from long skirts sweeping the ground to short skirts, showing off her long legs. The sexy female Vietnamese singer was praised for becoming more and more sexy and mature when she was about to turn 30.

Especially most recently, on her personal page, this sexy woman in Vietnam has just posted a bold image of lingerie, showing off the curves of her body. It can be seen that although she rarely shows off hot moments, every time Bich Phuong “launches hot goods”, Bich Phuong makes netizens shiver, standing still. Fans also hope that the singer will soon join the Vbiz race after the epidemic season, returning with a new hit as soon as possible. Check out her latest photos at

Chau Bui – Pretty and Sexy Vietnamese Fashionista Whose Height is Only 160cm

It can be said that Chau Bui is one of the first names to break the stereotype of beauty as white skin, slim body or ideal height… Healthy girls are still the most attractive.


Despite possessing a modest height, in return, Chau Bui has a very attractive and strong body. Although she used to be very thin and recently showed signs of gaining weight, thanks to her regular practice at home, the Vietnamese hot girl still makes people admire because she is so beautiful.

So, every time she wears a bikini, the popular IT-girl makes people feel amazed. Chau Bui’s charisma and temperament also always exudes sexiness and energy. Check out her latest photos at

Chi Pu – Pretty and Sexy Vietnamese Singer

Chi Pu started out as a model and is known by the community as one of the first hot girls in Vietnam. Becoming famous after a contest, Chi Pu entered showbiz as an actress.

With her chippy and cute style, she captured the hearts of the majority of the audience at that time and the name Chi Pu was always mentioned in the newspapers. Up to the present time, Chi Pu has been transforming herself into a professional singer despite the difficulties in starting her singing career.

After Chi Pu “escapes” the bright and gentle Vietnamese hot girl, her style has also changed markedly. Hard to dress more sexy than before, Chi Pu’s fashion sense always receives many compliments because of its trendy and luxurious look. Check out her latest photos at

It’s hard to choose just 15 out of the many beautiful and talented singers and actresses in Vietnam. However, we’ve tried our best by narrowing it down to these top 15. If you happen to know of another singer or actress that should be on this list, please let us know! We hope you enjoyed reading about some of your favorite Vietnamese celebrities. Stay tuned for more updates from Vietnamsocial media world!


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