The American guy spends two months at night eating fried chicken waiting for Vietnamese girls

Because of his love for Ngoc, Ezra decided to leave his family and quit his managerial job in the US to return to Japan to find her.

Nearly two years of sharing the house, the life of Tran Thanh Ngoc, 26 years old, native of Quang Binh, and Ezra Smith, 24, Texas, USA, is still passionate as a lover. Their happiness is even more fulfilling because there is more than one year old girl. Whenever recalling her love, Ngoc still considered it a “fate”, because there were times when their lives were turned in two directions.

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Graduating from Japanese language department, Da Nang University of Foreign Languages, Ngoc set out for cherry country under the international student exchange program in 2015. Ezra was a student at Texas University (Austin) who also went to Japan in the area. this. Both study together at Oberlin University, in Machida, Tokyo.

In one time, Ngoc took a Japanese rhetoric, she met a friend with Ezra. In early July 2016, on the occasion of the fireworks festival, a mutual friend asked the two to go see it. That was the first time they met.

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That day, Ngoc was happy and innocent to chat with people. She did not know the 2-year-old poor guy who was hit by the “love affair”, bewildered by the cute smile of the Vietnamese girl.

“The night I came home, I called my mother immediately to ask how to get to the Asian girl. She said that I should act according to my heart’s advice,” Ezra recalls.

The guy then immediately found Ngoc’s Facebook and made friends. Also from here, the journey to conquer her began. Knowing that Ngoc did more at the convenience store near the school, Evra looked for every excuse to meet. Every day Ngoc has Ezra to find him, buy fried chicken to sit and talk to her.

Ngoc’s shift is from 8 pm to 1 am, three sessions a week, to serve guests of the last night train. Knowing this, Ezra always went to the shop around 12:00, 12:30 at night to meet and escort Ngoc home.

“For more than 2 months, when I go to my house, I invite you to come out with me, no one goes alone. He said that I feared that the girls would go to the night for danger, so just stand outside and eat all the fried chicken, then wait I “, Ngoc recalls.

Emotion is growing, Ezra has not once confessed, nor dared to like her because it was too shy. Ngoc also felt dimly, but only regarded him as a handsome, gentle and good Japanese friend.

Before going to the US for a week, Ezra told Ngoc that he liked her, but was refused. “I do not want to love far away, so I refused. Although I know he is a good and affectionate person, I still don’t want to go far. My goal is to study well, so I don’t want to think about love. “said Ngoc. At that time, she intended to study at a master’s degree in Japan, while Ezra had to return to the US to prepare for graduation.

Rejected, Ezra was very disappointed. He texted her saying that he “will never return to Japan because there is a sad past”.

Carrying the love that had not yet spread to the United States, Ezra intended not to text her anymore. But he could not stop caring about her, so he talked to him every day. The endless stories make both friends more open and open.

Half a year passed, Ngoc would like to work in an export company in Japan. And Ezra is also preparing to work at a large US company as a manager on business after a series of harsh interviews. It seems that their relationship will only stop at online cross-border conversations, until one day Ngoc half-jokingly asks Ezra: “If you agree to find out, will Ezra return to Japan?” .

The sentiment is still intact, making Ezra ready to break the previous vow. Immediately, he booked a flight ticket, gave up his job promising a bright future, submitted a CV for a job in Japan … Nearly a month after Ngoc’s proposal, the two met again.

“As soon as I caught the train to see you. We hugged each other tightly after so many days away. It was a difficult emotion to express in words. I was surprised when you did everything for me, very fast and determined, “Ngoc said.

Ezra is an English teacher at a Japanese center. A month later, both returned to Vietnam to hold a wedding, rushing in a week of vacation. In 11/2017, they officially became husband and wife.

Ngoc pregnant soon after and returned to Quang Binh to give birth to a baby. Currently, young couples in Vietnam to apply for a visa to immigrate to the United States. During this time, Ngoc made an office to represent a Japanese company, and her husband worked as a freelancer.

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Ngoc even though she is younger than her, Ezra is very mature and takes good care of his wife and children. He always took care of his children so his wife could rest. In their free time, they both shared housework. “Every day he says he loves me. Sometimes I don’t listen to him clearly, he keeps repeating it until I know I can hear it,” Ngoc said happily.

“Many times I think I think my love is like a dream. It seems like I lost each other, but fate has brought us back. I appreciate this happiness forever,” Ngoc said.

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