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vietnam brides for you think again

Vietnamese wife best cooking and caring

Video from Mrs Linh. Linh was born and raised in Saigon. After Linh’s first marriage broke up, Linh was very lucky to come to her current husband, Bryan. Linh followed her husband to Australia to settle in 2016. Linh’s family consists of 6 people: 2 spouses and 4 children. Here, Linh is just a housewife […]

Vietnamese women best cooking

Why vietnamese women best cooking? Well, see these dishes you will surprise about their skill in cooking Today I present you two biggest city in Vietnam, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city, you can see and where are citys have the Vietnamese women best cooking. Ha Noi wife can cook: 1. Pho Hanoi. If you’re traveling […]

Dating with beautiful vietnamese girl – Ms Tay

Dating beautiful vietnamese girl 4

Hi guys, My name is Tay a beautiful vietnamese girl, born in 1992. My facebook 100009340115005. My mobilephone number: ****. Please serious when contact. About Me Loves to travel, dining out, staying on the beach, watching the latest movies at the cinema, etc. I am also into photography & likes to take pictures of natures esp […]

Reasons you should dating vietnamese girl

Reasons you should dating vietnamese girl If you want to dating vietnamese girl, be careful because you will fall in love with her. They have exotic facial features and a beautiful skin complexion. Let discover some reasons why Vietnamese girl are wonderful to date Classy Ladies Vietnamese girl have her traditional brought up by their […]

Ms Tra finding her groom

im Tra Tong If you want marry vietnam girl.Please serious. I am 28 years old. I am Receptionlist at a hotel in Bac Ninh Viet Nam. I am kind, caring, loving, highshool educated and hard working. basic in English, China.  I enjoy reading and hanging out with friends, listening to RB music and watching horror movies, […]

Ms Lan Nguyen looking for partner

Resitered to Vietnam brides agency. My name is Lan Nguyen. I am 24 years old. I am teaching at a high school in Ha Noi Viet Nam. I am honest, sincere, faithful, caring, loving, well educated and hard working. basic in English. I enjoy travelling and meeting people, listening to romantic music and love songs, […]

Ms Thuan finding her love

https://youtu.be/VHzqKDcqnlE About this like to match with the man in singapore  My name is Thuan, I m single and i never married. Im 28Yrs old. I am looking for a man who believe in God, who respect, faithful, understanding, list ening, not play game in love, not lie, i not importand age. I Important relationship […]