Some useful tips how to attract Vietnamese girls

Years ago attract Vietnamese girls are very hard because they very shy went talk to foreign man unless they are friend of girls ‘s friends. It is impossible if you want to contact with her.

Now aday, internet and open mind girls more and more frequently go to dating sites and social like Twitter, Facebook… So many guys with good appearance easy in attract Vietnamese girls. In many ways the Vietnam girl learn making up very quickly. They become more and more beautiful base on their natural beauty. If you want to attract a young and beauty Vietnam girl. It doesn’t matter if you’re born good looking, but you do have to work if you want attract Vietnamese girls. Oh wait.. Why we must try to attract and dating vietnamese girl? Reasons here.

Hair, nails, teeth

Barbers are 40.000VND. Please get yourself a haircut and take care of any odd neck hair, ear hair, and nose hair that we all have. I think short or long hair it does not matter, looking simple and suitable with your face. It ‘s perfect.

With simple hair style you can attract vietnamese girls easily

All girl in the world hate when a man’s nails are not trimmed down.

Teeth whitening is very cheap in Vietnam. Smiling front of a Vietnam girl you can let her fall in love, Why? let check. if you have god smile. Just kidding! Haha. Whiskey is not mouth wash, so bring gum or breath mints with you.


Having a playful accessory is a good idea because it’s like your built in conversation piece. This could be a necklace, a funky bracelet, or crazy sunglasses. just one accessory is good enough to give a girl something to grab a hold of.


Age is going to Impact what you look best it and what you can get away with. So I’ll give you some general guidelines and you can adapt them to your age. Attract Vietnamese girls is not hard mission.

Polo shirts, V-necks: I think this is should be the staple item for guys. You want to get mainly solid color polo’s. They’re versatile so you can wear them on a lunch date, and you can wear them to dinner with jeans.

Shorts: Color blue and tan khaki shorts and they do not have a ton of pockets.

Wearing attract vietnamese girls some useful tips for guys to take girl s heart

Jeans – Nothing is more important than a pair of jeans that fits well. They should fit properly cover the very top part of your shoe so socks aren’t visible.

Shoes – If you’re wearing shoes, like actual shoes, you must match your belt and your shoes up. Also match your socks with your shoes.

it’s a good starting point, find your girls and it’s something to read before hitting a day of bargain shopping.

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