Since 2015, Vietnam Brides has helped thousands of singles discover themselves, find love and be in a fulfilling and happy relationships.

Meet Our Founders

Rose Trang

Rose Trang is a beautiful Vietnamese woman currently living and working in Singapore. She was married in 2015 to a Singaporean man – who is both her husband and soul mate. In her working and friend network, Rose Trang has met many singles with the desire to have a loving family with their true love but has yet to find the right person. Therefore, she founded Vietnam Brides in 2015 as an affordable professional service to help single men around the world find their soul mate in Vietnam – a country with many beautiful and family-oriented women.

Besides being the founder of Vietnam Brides, Rose Trang is also a lovely woman with healthy lifestyles and hobbies. She usually updates her family and personal activities at

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