1988s Ms Thuy

#801 Ms Thuy, Cantho Province Jan/1988. H/W:152cm/49kg Hairstylist. personality: gentleness, soft and grace. Loving animals. Enjoy traveling, singing, cooking. not like people indifferent, apathetic.Family have 8 members all are working at Ca Mau. Shrimp farming. vietnamese wife singapore https://vietnambrides.org/category/vietnam-ladies/ Ms My 1993 Ms My 1993

Ms Kim 1995

#804 Kim, currently in HCM. April 25, 1995. 155cm weight 48. Basic english. I like to travel with my lover, especially like cooking, personality, affection, sharing and understanding. Hate most fake and heartless people. Having a stable income, more than I am about 5-10 years old, caring and caring, working together to do simple things, […]

Seri channels Korea girls living in Vietnam

  Flights from Vietnam to South Korea accounted for a remarkable 44.5 per cent of the country’s outbound traffic in 2018. By comparison, China-bound flights made up 14.8 per cent in the same year, according to OAG Schedules Analyser, a flight data website.   https://youtu.be/ow91rgq5WAk https://vietnambrides.org/admiring-korean-vietnam-couple/ vietnamese wife singapore  

1989s Candidate matchmaking

1989s Candidate matchmaking #834 Ms Thao Nov / 1989. Height: 168cm weighs 59kg. Housework. Speak English, Chinese. Family: Mother and sister, sister married and living separately. https://www.facebook.com/VietnambridesMk/posts/1321456578028748 vietnamese wife singapore True love from Houston US Congrats to January-Little-Girl