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Where our ultimate goal is to maximize your chances of finding true love!

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Minh Lan & Nicolas

“Don’t wait for love to come, but position yourself in a way that you are meeting the right people.”


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    As a busy professional looking for a long term relationship, you want to meet attractive, successful, like minded singles, and you’ve come to the right place!

    85% Date Satisfaction Rate

    At Viet Nam Brides, you will receive the highest level of professional matchmaking expertise, and our heartfelt dedication and experience as your Personal Cupids to your exclusive search.

    5 Years Matchmaking Track Record

    We will work with you to create a search plan that produces results. By combining our matchmaking expertise with highly skilled recruiting methods we’ll tailor your search around your specific desires and increase the chances of finding that special someone you’ve been looking for!

    Viet Nam Brides has earned respect for 5 years of outstanding service, responsible for 3000+ marriages across South East Asia, and countless long-term relationshipsVie

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