How Solo Travel Ruins Your Dating Life


Solo travel gives bright impressions and memories. But some men swap a relationship with a woman for it. Why is this happening and how to combine these two things?

Solo Travel Ruins Your Dating Life
Solo Travel Ruins Your Dating Life

Of course, everyone should experience this exciting and inspirational experience at least once in life. But there are some problems: you solve all the problems by yourself, get acquainted with new people, don’t depend on anyone, etc. There is some kind of dependence from such life.

You start thinking about the next trip before you get home. All thoughts in your head are only about such things as how to get there, where to live, how to earn money for a trip, and so on.

Solo travel is a terrific experience, but it can destroy your personal life (read more on And that’s why:

  •         You understand that you can meet a future girlfriend anywhere

It’s hard to convince oneself to choose someone as a partner if you meet many interesting women every day. You know that you might fall in love in one of them. You convince yourself to continue to travel because meeting with the potential girlfriend can take place anywhere in the world.

  •         You work all the time

You can get acquainted with women when you are at home. But you are constantly working, using every opportunity to work overtime to ensure the next trip. The best friend wants to introduce you to an interesting young woman, but you prefer freelancing, which will allow you to go on a short weekend trip.

  •         Parties are not attractive anymore

An offer to go to a club where you are surrounded by unfamiliar drunken girls is not sound very tempting. It is more interesting to travel around South America, enjoying the vast expanses and beauty of wildlife. You’d better spend money on a trip to a new place than on an evening outfit for a club and endless cocktails.

  •         You can’t stay still

If you are travelling solo, it’s hard to find the time to truly get to know a person. You fall in love with an Italian woman during a trip to Rome, but you know that your time is limited. This is just a temporary romance. It is not easy to preserve the incipient relationship when you are constantly on the road.

  •         You are not going to stop

When you are traveling solo, you learn how unlimited and beautiful the world is, you can’t settle down in any way. Of course, you can try to find a woman who is just as keen on travel as you are, ready to live in minimal comforts, and doesn’t consider travel a waste of money, but it is not easy to do. Besides, not all people can travel together.

It is possible to combine relationships and travels

Relations mean constant and difficult work. You can’t meet or live with another person and at the same time think only of your own interests. Men often replace relationships with travel. Thus, they avoid pressure from women and feel completely free. They get the opportunity to remain alone with themselves, listen to the inner voice, solve personal problems, and enjoy the present without any worries. However, it is difficult for them to build a personal life. People who choose solo traveling have fears of losing freedom, being within certain limits, and getting under the influence of women.

But relations don’t interfere with travel. You can find a constant partner with the same hobbies and travel around the world together. Such a way of life will not suit everyone, but such a person can be found. It is important to talk about how you both see a common life. Don’t push and persuade a companion to go on a trip. If you both like adventures, then vivid impressions will form the basis of a long relationship. You will constantly learn something new, help each other, and fulfill each other’s wishes. Hope these tips for traveling solo can help you.

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