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For answer this question “How much does a Vietnamese bride cost” and” How much does a Vietnamese bride price “  “ How can I find the cheap Viet brides “  is it not easy for us even we are the Vietnamese brides agency , Many customer ask us for help but so sorry to say we dont  have Vietnamese wife for sale . Our job just for make introduce groom from many country like USA , Singapore  to many our Vietnamese lady ,  If you interesting to see our Vietnamese brides pls see this link,  if you stil consider to look for the the place to help you to buy the brides in Vietnam pls see this ( they website have close because they offer Vietnamese brides for sale  )

Bride-purchasing or bride-buying is the industry or trade of “purchasing a bride” like Goods is this illegal .  Bride-buy  or bride-selling is practiced by sellers and bride-buyers in parts of countries such as Ukraine , Syria, Iraq, Iran, India and China, Russia or Philipine. The action is described as a form of “marriage of contract ” but is illegal in many countries in the world. ( From wiki)

So pls don’t  think you can buy any women form any where in  the world any more . But if you still looking the Vietnamese brides at cheapest price or even free we can help you

Vietnamese brides harder to get now  We can say no and yes  . If the customer say “ I have 10.000 USD I want to get marrige with Ngoc Trinh “of course We say no but the customer “ Can you help me to look for me the Vietnamese  wife who is can live with me forever “  We say Yes

Vietnam wife

One more reason why you can not look for Vietnamese  brides in Singapore any more because the Ica not let Vietnam girl to enter Singapore from airport  so the Vietnames bride agency in Singapore can not bring them to their  shop. So even you looking for Vietnames bride agency in orchard or looking for Vietnamese bride agency Singapore at Golden mile or Katong comlex  you can not find them any more .

Vietnam brides story

Asian people have a sentence like this: “Eat Chinese food, live in a Western house and be married to a Vietnamese wife”. Those are 3 things that many people think the best for eating, living and marriage. I’m a Singapore Chinese and I know people say “eat Chinese food” because we have 3 dishes with a soup for a meal – that’s a full meal. I also have many friends who go to Vietnam to looking for a wife because they think Vietnamese woman are beautiful and loyalty. Therefore, although I never be lived in a Western house but I decide to marry a Vietnamese wife to have at least 2 of 3 things that Asian people advised.


Buy a Vietnam wife tour for sale

After ask some friends who has experience for going to Vietnam to marry, I was introduced to a match making agency  .This agency  have main company in Vietnam and an agency in some city in the world  So I came to this agency and expressed my opinion. They asked me about requirements that I want my wife have. I said that I don’t need a wife too beautiful but she at least has a good looking face and she must have taking-care family ability. At the matchmaking center, they have some available Vietnamese girls and I can choose one of them or I can go to their main company in Vietnam for others chosen. I think that in Vietnam, I will have more choices so I decided to come their main company.

The center help me to book a ticket from Singapore to Vietnam. The price of this ticket is not too expensive. In Vietnam, there are some cheap airlines which is very useful in this situation. After arriving in Vietnam, the officer of the matchmaker in Vietnam support me for finding a hotel. The condition of Vietnam hotel is very good although with a well price. The next day, I get a lot of photos of Vietnamese girls from matchmaking  companies. These girls have different appearance: some have white skin, some have tan skin; there are girls with long hair, some has short hair; there are girls live in cities, in village or mountainous. In general, there are many choices for me.

As I said above, I want a wife with good looking face, I want she can take care good for my family. Therefore, I choose some girls based on 2 these things. Besides, I want to choose a girl in village especially western area village because the family of girls in village don’t ask for many money and my friend say that the girls who live in Western area often have lovely face, sweet voice and they are very good in housewife job.

Based on all above things, I figure out 3 girls. After meet all these 3 girl, I choose a girl to be my wife. I came to her house, give them a little money as the original deal with matchmaking agency . Because my wife family want to organize a wedding in their hometown, I decided make a Vietnam traditional wedding here before come back to Singapore.

The Vietnamese wedding is very interested. Thanks for it, I can verify my wife’s ability in cooking and caring house job. I am very satisfied about my wife. In the Vietnamese wedding, my wife wear a clothes called “aodai”. This is a traditional clothes of Vietnamese and almost Vietnamese girls wear it on their wedding day. I think this clothes is really beautiful, it highlight the curves of my wife’s body in a discreet way. The wedding in village is organized at the yard in front of house, the guest are my wife’s friends and peoples who live near my wife house. Although it’s not a large wedding which is organized in restaurant but my wife is very happy. She always smile to her friend, to her family and to me. This thing make me feel that I have a good choice for my life, I have a wife who will be next to me to the end of this life, in every difficult and nice period.


Vietnam bride wedding

Although my journey in Vietnam have some difficulty such as the far way, some place have expensive food but in the support of matchmaking center, I got married with a girl that I’m very satisfy. When I come back home, my mother is very happy because of her beautiful daughter-in-law.

The reason why you must have the Vietnamese brides

Loyalty : One of the problems people in they  marriage life can live happiness  in their  loyalty. Outside of Vietnam, a lot of people had divorced because they could not trust whoever they had given their love to. But Vietnamese women they are live for the family take care husband and and child

Definition of loyalty

giving or showing firm and constant support or allegiance to a person or institution.

Independent And Supportive: There is a myth that a Vietnamese women or lady l will marrige  you for your property But  is that Vietnamese lady  are self-dependent and never ask  you for  money untill you like to give to them

If you, independent working  Vietnamese lady . I can tell you that she will take care of herself and also will support you if you are a not rich  person. Vietnamese girls are not gold-diggers, but if you show a low-class lady a pile of gold, she will dig it…Ohhh yeah, i am a gold digger too…Show me your gold i like it

Vietnam bride for marriage

Trust-Worthy : Vietnamese girls are believable  . You can go many place  you like  to go. They will be waiting  you until  you are back home . They will always say the truth, please don’t doubt her. The truth is real in Vietnam. You don’t need to see her message  on  her phone or what she is doing when you not at home . She knows she is married and will not want to do anything that will hurt your . Tell her what you like or don’t like just very simple.

How much does a wedding in Vietnam cost

It is much more depent on which girl yoi like , Vietnam city girl or Vietnam brides village , ofcurese if you like the Vietnam girl in village is cost less .  So I will count on the cost to get the Vietnames wife in village

Wedding ring: $500

Criteria for choosing wedding rings. Example:

Ring Designs, Brand of rings, Material of rings and Predictable costs

More information:

Give brides familly : $1000 to $2000

It is a consuetude of vietnam wedding

Party costs: Example $4800 for 200 guests

A Vietnamese wedding party costs VND200,000-500,000 ($24) per guest for food and beverage.

Photobook : $500 – $1000

Choose location wedding photography reasonable to save costs. It is the places near where you live  or the neighborhood. References from friends , relatives.

More infomation:

Renting a car, house decorations, ao dai’s for the bridesmaids and men, cake, roasted pig, desserts, etc:  $1000

You just need to choose a wedding cake should not be too big enough and abundance .

Wedding dress should only hire or borrow

Airplan ticket  to Vietnam 300 usd to 600

You can find the cheap flights to Vietnam

More Information:

Honeymoon, If you want, costs VND14-50 million ($2,400) on average

Total: $5000 to $15000

More information:


What the Vietnamese dress in wedding

Ussully the vietnamese lady like traditsinal dress Call “ Ao dai ”

What can i wear to a wedding in Vietnam


How to do cheapest weding in Vietnam

1 ) Choose the ring time , never do the wedding at august because this time many people make weding do the wedding  after   Chinese new Year  so this time no body in viet nam do wedding so every thing is cheap and easy

2) Reduce the guest come to your wedding ofccorse can save your money , do this when you plan  doing wedding at village , The village people dont give much Ang Pow ( money)


3 ) Wedding clothes   Dont buy , rent it

4) Car and flower for weding : choose the cheapest at you can have


Vietnamese wedding food

Appetizer : sweet corn chicken soup , asparagus soup , cream of mushroom soup pumpkin

– Fried dishes : Shrimp fried salted egg shell – steamed coconut shrimp

– Save the fish : Fish fillet fruit sauce – Grilled Fish Games – Fish steamed strawberry sauce- Save sauce , stew : Beef black pepper sauce – Beef rattles – hams tunnel

– Chicken , traditional bird : crispy chicken skin fried fat flush

– Birds question coconut sauce – Birds spin – boiled chicken with lemon leaves- Salad : mango salad – jellyfish salad – mixed vegetable salad

– Fried dish : sauteed seasonal vegetables

– Soup : Soup cooked dried bamboo grows – ball soup – shrimp soup grows

– Starch : Xôi pitcher lotus seeds , sticky Gac – eight rice- Dessert : Caramel ( flan ) , fruits ( fruit )

Cost for 6 guest: $100

The Marriage and Family Law has the missions to contribute to building, perfecting and protecting the progressive marriage and family regime, formulate legal standards for the conducts of family members; protect the legitimate rights and interests of family members; inherit and promote the fine ethical traditions of the Vietnamese families in order to build prosperous, equal, progressive, happy and lasting families.

Vietnam brides in singapore 

Rural Singapore men are get Vietnamese brides for $1,000

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