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Settle in Vietnam

Vietnam the peaceful country with good living conditions, infrastructure facilities and especially safety and security. Friendly people, beautiful natural landscapes with extremely cheap travel costs. Ex: Cheapest 4G (1 USD/Month) let you connect whole internet in the world such as Facebook, Google, Netflix, Steam, Reddit… Breakfast with enough protein from Meat & Vegetable is BanhMi […]

Vietnam in top ten countries for expats

This year’s report of HSBC Expat was made after collecting comments from more than 18,000 foreigners to live in 163 new countries or territories. In addition to Switzerland and Singapore, the remaining countries in the top 10 include Canada, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, Turkey, Germany, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam. HSBC Expart points out 8 […]

10 best dating place in saigon with cheap States got the Vietnam girl heart fastest

Which place to go for the best dating experience in Saigon vietnam Choosing the dream dating location for your dates is the most important factor when you are dating a Vietnamese girl. Do not let your Vietnamese girlfriend help you with that. Instead, let this article help you to find out the best dating ideas  […]

10 Vietnamese offer lung donations to British COVID-19 patient

Source: Ten Vietnamese have volunteered to donate pieces of their lungs to help save a 43-year-old British pilot in Vietnam who is in critical condition from novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), but doctors said it is better to receive the organs from a brain-dead registered donor. One of the donors is a veteran from the country’s […]