Why I moved to Saigon, Vietnam and why you should too

I was depressed , broke and fat 1 year ago. I wasn’t happy with my life in California. I stopped going out , stopped having friends. Felt I was trapped and couldn’t do anything about it. Then I saw a Harald Baldr Video, then a Bald and Bankrupt video, then formed a new plan. I decided to change my entire life. I lost 60 pounds. I sold everything I owned and moved to Saigon to live a new life. Best choice I’ve ever made in life! If you find your self depressed please get help and tell everyone you know that you are feeling this way. You are not alone. Don’t feel trapped and like no one can help. Just talking and telling people how you feel can be very helpful.

10 Vietnamese offer lung donations to British COVID-19 patient


Ten Vietnamese have volunteered to donate pieces of their lungs to help save a 43-year-old British pilot in Vietnam who is in critical condition from novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), but doctors said it is better to receive the organs from a brain-dead registered donor.

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