Asia dating Ms Linh Pham young and beauty vietnamese girl

Asia dating Ms Linh Pham young and beauty Vietnamese girl. Follow us and get more contact

Ms Linh Pham born in KienGiang, Vietnam. With Asia dating agency she came to us. Her DOB: 24/June/1994. H: 1m67.W: 46kg

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Ms Linh Pham: (Asia dating agency happy to introduced)

I am also very sincere and always say what I think, leading an active and a very healthy lifestyle. well, love home, coziness and comfort. There is no place for lies in my life. I am a kind and affectionate person with a good sense of humor. Also I am optimistic, energetic, joyful and always try to think positive.

Beside me I see a real man. He is athletic, determined, confident and kind, but the most important thing is that he loves me. I search for a calm, emotionally balanced, intelligent, joyful and positive thinking man whose temperament is not explosive to build an equal, stable, happy and pleasant relationship for both of us. I would like to build a happy and strong family where people understand each other, support and accept each other. More beautiful girls.

I Like to go to: cinema, night clubs, parks. Andi like these activities: dancing, swimming, fitness, riding, gym, bowling. Search age group: from 25 to 40

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