14 Hottest and Most Famous Models and Supermodels in Vietnam

The country of Vietnam is home to a number of beautiful and famous models, including many who have been professional models for over 10 years. These women are considered both superstars in their homeland as well as internationally renowned supermodels. They make regular appearances on television shows and magazines alongside international celebrities such as Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Justin Bieber. This blog post will profile 14 of the most popular models from Vietnam that you should know about!

Vo Hoang Yen – Most Famous Vietnam Next Top Model’s Judge

Vo Hoang Yen was born on October 29, 1988 in Ho Chi Minh City. She is a Vietnamese supermodel and became the representative to attend Miss Universe 2009 held in Bahamas after she reached top 10 at 2006 Super Model contest as Vietnam’s contestant. In 2017, Vo returned showbiz with her new role of an advisor and judge for F-Academy model training program along with also being the first runner up champion of VietNam Next Top Model 2017 which was broadcast by VTV3 Channel under The Face Men & Women season 4 Production Company Endemol Shine Group (ESG) .

After more than 10 years in the modeling industry, Vo Hoang Yen has experienced success and failure. Stumbling through her career, she eventually announced retirement but quickly came back to the model world as a sexy mature Vietnamese woman who is gentle yet frank about herself and the market.

Follow her at: https://www.instagram.com/vohoangyen_official/

Thanh Hang – Most Beautiful Vietnamese Supermodel Who Earns $10K/month

Thanh Hang (born in 1983) owns a height of 1m75 with a standard three-round measurement of 85-60-90, in addition, she is also an actress in a number of films such as: Model, My Nhan Ke,… After she was crowned Miss Vietnam Women Newspaper through photos, Thanh Hang has stepped into the modeling career, and also almost changed. She owns the longest legs on the catwalk (1.12 m) and has also quickly become a very bright model. After nearly 10 years of being crowned Miss, this beautiful Vietnamese woman is also the top vedette with a high salary, a very famous entertainer, always appearing and shining in cult events.

Follow her at: https://www.instagram.com/phamthanhhang_/

Minh Tu – Hottest Candidate of Asia Next Top Model

Minh Tu’s full name is Nguyen Minh Tu is a Vietnamese model. She won the Silver Prize of the Vietnam Supermodel Model Search 2013 contest and was the runner-up of Asia’s Next Top Model 2017. She was a mentor of The Face Vietnam 2017. In 2018 she was awarded the sash and crown, the right to represent Vietnam. Nam at Miss Supranational 2018. Then reached the top 10 and received the Miss Supranational Asia 2018 award. Up to now, Minh Tu is still one of the first names mentioned in the modeling industry.

Follow her at: https://www.instagram.com/minhtu_nguyen/

Hoang Thuy – 2nd Place at Vietnam Miss Vietnam Contest

Hoang Thuy is a prestigious beautiful model in Vietnam, she was born in 1992, owns a height of 1m79 and a three-round measurement of 75-58-85. Thanks to her great efforts in working style and to excel in art shoots, she also became the champion of Vietnam’s Next Top Model in 2011. And since then, her professional modeling path has also been more defined. After she won first place, Hoang Thuy also appeared in many fashion magazines.

After becoming the champion of Vietnam Model: Vietnam’s Next Top Model 2011, her name strongly influenced the domestic and foreign fashion world. She constantly performs in foreign shows and is highly appreciated by designers.

Follow her at: https://www.instagram.com/hoangthuy_official/

Xuan Lan – Sexy Supermodel in Vietnam

Xuan Lan is classified as an early model generation. Born in 1978, which is almost 40 this year, her body is still very attractive with a height of 1m71 and a three-round measurement of 83-59-90. With a slim but professional body, plus an angular face, this hot Vietnamese woman has signed countless domestic and foreign contracts. Considered “Kate Moss VietNam”. In addition, she also participated in a number of movies such as: Long-legged girls, Messy hair, Two-piece assassin,… Invited to be a judge on Vietnamese Model: VietNam’s Next Top Model season 2, 3 and 5. With Her communication skills and tough spirit, her students also became extremely popular and bright.

Follow her at: https://www.instagram.com/xuanlanlala/

Trang Khieu – Favorite Face of Elle Magazine

Khieu Thi Huyen Trang, also known as Trang Khieu, is the champion of Vietnam Model: VietNam’s Next Top Model season 1. She was born in 1990 with a huge height of 1m83 and three rounds of 83-59-93, has attracted a lot of designers. As a model of the young, dynamic and committed generation, she contributed to creating many strong moves for the domestic model village on the international catwalk.

In the contest “Vietnam’s Next Top Model” 2010, the first season, Trang Khieu excellently conquered the first champion title in the history of Vietnam’s Next Top Model. Possessing the ideal height and pure Asian beauty, this sexy Vietnamese girl is considered the brightest face of the Vietnamese model village. Strong, free and liberal with a respectable energy, she is increasingly making strong strides in her modeling career.

Follow her at: https://www.instagram.com/trangkhieu/

Huong Ly – 1st Place at Vietnam’s Next Top Model 2015

Huong Ly is a beautiful Vietnamese model born in 1995, possessing a perfect figure with a height of 1m77 and a three-round measurement of 81-57-87. After becoming the champion of Vietnam Model: VietNam’s Next Top Model 2015, her life has changed a lot, she has a better life and has the opportunity to perform on the big catwalks. Currently, Huong Ly is trying to learn more experiences to get more opportunities on the international stage.

Follow her at: https://www.instagram.com/huongly.ngg/


Nguyen Oanh – From a Village Girl to a Supermodel

Nguyen Oanh is a pretty young Vietnamese model born in 1996, with a great height of 1m83 and a three-round measurement of 80-65-95. When participating in the program Vietnam Model: VietNam’s Next Top Model 2014, she was a young girl who did not know anything about catwalks or facial expressions, but with determination and effort, she won first place in the contest. my hand. After winning the title of Vietnam’s Next Top Model season 5, she changed with completely new images. From a rustic image, Nguyen Oanh has become a much more professional model. Possessing an extremely sexy body, along with impressive fashion photos. And Oanh’s career is growing more and more in the fashion world.

Mau Thuy – 2nd Place at Miss Vietnam Beauty Contest

Mau Thuy is one of the most searched names on social networks. She was born in 1992, 1m77 tall with three rounds of 81-65-92. The modern and vibrant life in the big city strongly influenced the style and life of the season 4 champion. Right from a young age, the pretty Vietnamese girl with the Mau surname has always shown a mischievous and intelligent personality.

Follow her at: https://www.instagram.com/mauthuy_official/

Lan Khue – Most Favorite Vietnam Next Top Model’s Judge

Surely everyone knows that Lan Khue is one of the three judges on the hit show The Face. Possessing a height of 1m76, with a three-round measurement of 85-60-90, this model born in 1992 is quite successful in her career. She is a pretty excellent model of Vietnam when she continuously receives big awards such as: Vietnam Super Model Gold Award 2013, becoming a Promising Supermodel in Vietnam Super Model 2012, entering the top 5 awards given by the Vietnam Supermodel. considered the Oscar of the Asian fashion industry. In addition, she also represents Vietnam in the world’s largest beauty arena – Miss World 2015. According to Global Beauties, Tran Ngoc Lan Khue is the only representative of Vietnam in the list of 50 most beautiful beauties in the world in 2016.

Follow her at:https://www.instagram.com/tranngoclankhue/

Pham Huong – Beautiful Miss Universe Vietnam

Born in 1991, with a height of 1m74 with a standard three-round measurement of 80-59-93, Pham Huong is one of the most searched names and nicknamed Miss Quoc Dan by the press. One of her most typical awards is the winner of Miss Universe Vietnam 2015, her name is known by many people, so Pham Huong is increasingly asserting herself in her modeling career.

Moving to the US to settle down: Cooperating with the new management company Renew Artists (USA). In mid-2018 (September), this beautiful Vietnamese woman was suddenly absent from artistic activities in Vietnam, settled in the US to treat thyroid disease and developed a modeling career here. She signed a contract to join Renew Artists LLC – a modeling agency established in Hawaii (USA) with the stage name Bee. And in 2019 she developed a modeling career in the US. Currently, Pham Huong is developing her career in the US.

La Thanh Thanh – Short Yet Hot Model in Vietnam

La Thanh Thanh, also known as Fung La, was born in 1993 with a modest height of 1m54 and a three-round measurement of 75-63-94, but her good expression helped her get a ticket to the final round of VietNam’s Next Top Model 2016, this pretty Vietnamese girl always knows how to flexibly change her body as well as her facial muscles, always creates impressive photo shoots and is constantly the leader of the common house. The height cannot stop La Thanh Thanh’s passion for modeling, when she constantly has quality and stylish pictures that make many people admire and praise.


Ha Anh – Sexiest Supermodel in Vietnam

Supermodel Ha Anh entered the Top 10 of Miss Vietnam Women’s Photo Contest (2005) and won the Best Body Award. 1st runner-up at the Miss Talent sub-section of the Miss Earth 2006 pageant in the Philippines. Runner-up of Miss Vietnam Global in the US. Judge for Vietnam’s Next Top Model season 1. This super sexy Vietnamese supermodel was evaluated by the director of Elite Vietnam as a supermodel with a professional working attitude on time, compliance with the director’s intentions and scripts, polite, friendly, and cultured attitude.

Follow her at: https://www.instagram.com/haanhvu/

Minh Trieu – Vietnamese Supermodel who is Very Successful Abroad

Possessing a height of 1m76 and long legs of 1m20, he is always confident to show his figure in front of the camera and has a charming and bold professional performance style that helps Minh Trieu win the bronze supermodel award in 2008. In 2013, the hot Vietnamese supermodel received the title of Best model of the year voted by Fashion & Life magazine. In 2014, Minh Trieu was on the cover of France’s Fashion World magazine, representing the Vietnamese contemporary model world.

Follow her at: https://www.instagram.com/_minhtrieu_/

The top models above are famous names in the domestic and foreign modeling industry. Passionate and determined to conquer the fashion industry in the international market, the above 14 hot sexy and beautiful Vietnamese supermodels have overcome many hardships and challenges to stay firmly on the path strewn with thorny roses. They are examples for the next generation to learn and create a more and more developed Vietnamese fashion industry.


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