1991s candidate from BacLieu

#820 Kieu. From BacLieu. April 4, 1991. H155cm W46kg. I’m trading at home with my family. I am a simple girl who does not like to deceive .. Because I understand if you live sincerely, everything will be sincere to you .. I hate Someone who deceives me 🙂 My future husband will is a man who cares for his family .. His income is not important How much .. … If I have free time, can I help my housework well 😆 My family currently has only 3 people
My parents and me

Ms My 1993

#815 My, lives in Hanoi. 08-05-1993. 165cm / 60kg, English and Chinese. I like to cook and take care of young children, enjoy family care, live introvert, enjoy shopping and travel. I hate lies. I want to find a husband who cares about sharing difficulties in life, always cares about my feelings, someone who knows how to spend time with his family can cook with me, he needs work stabilizing.The family have 8 people: parents, 4 sisters and an older brother, all married. Private life.