Vietnamese disabilities girl happy with American husband is less than 8 years old

In an instant Nhi immersed herself in her memories, not finding her husband Dustin Beach, 28, wrapped her arms around her from behind, rubbing her face on her wife’s thin neck. “Darling, I miss you,” Dustin said, after almost 2 hours studying in the outside room, and his wife working in the inner room. He always gives his wife such passionate glances, sometimes confuses Nhi, even though he has been married for 5 years.

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Vietnam in top ten countries for expats

This year’s report of HSBC Expat was made after collecting comments from more than 18,000 foreigners to live in 163 new countries or territories.

In addition to Switzerland and Singapore, the remaining countries in the top 10 include Canada, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, Turkey, Germany, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam.

HSBC Expart points out 8 reasons why Vietnam is worth living and working with foreigners.

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Lady 1992 Vietnam Marriage Agency

Marriage Agency in HCMC

Ms Thuy Dec/1992 H160cm and W55kg , HCM university Viet Nam, I am an assistant General Manager at China Company in Binh Duong province, Viet Nam. I am translator English and Chinese at company, support my General Manager handle anything when he don’t come company. When I was 3 years old. My parents divorce, then I and my older brother move to stay with grandfather’s family. That time in my home town still poor, they feel divorce really disgusting, My mom and dad had new family after them divorce, and nobody really love us. I feel I were a burden of them. That’s why I became independence and effort in any case. When I learn university, my family don’t support. I worked part time in the restaurant after learn time. After I graduated I worked for Taiwanese company, and now I am working at American Company in Viet Nam. That’s why I can listen, speak, read, write English and Chinese. Everyday I all work with foreigner, morning I wake up at 5:30 AM, and go to work at 7:00 AM, back home at 19:00 PM, sometime more late and I also really tired to dating find out boyfriend. Normal in Viet Nam, people will marry from 22 to 27 years old.

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