Dating hanoi vietnam some great place for you

 Hanoi city where have more wonderful places for dating hanoi vietnam and more beautiful views.

Prepare for the your senses be excited: from the excitement sounds of chaotic city with the smell of the suffocating the street market, from tastes of unique cuisines and healthy to local attractions breath-taking view of the varied the landscape. Vietnam is a world of contrasts with a its fascinating history. Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam. Walking around the old town with narrow passage and mess web of streets, you really feel like you were transported back 1000 years in the city of vibrations. There are Chinese cultural impact heavy and French architectural design from its colonial past.

At the center of this wondrous city is green jade Hoan Kiem lake which offers a pleasant period of rest from the crazy traffic. You can even catch a glimpse of the sacred turtle that lives in the lake! Around the lake, you can hike around the art galleries of different propagation, sampling street food or amazed at the spectacle of Water Puppet Theatre.

People of Vietnam are very friendly and helpful. I met foreign visitors who told me Vietnam is no as friendly as Thailand, but I think because Vietnam has little experience with foreign tourists than Thailand. English is used extensively in restaurants, bars, tourist shops and hotels. Taxi drivers speak English, but people on the street will hardly speak English.

In this part. I will advice some fun places to meet and if lucky you can dating hanoi vietnam:

I’ll be honest. The Fat Cat Bar is a place to go and meet with girls if you are in Hanoi Old Quarter. Yes, Old Quarter! It has decent prices for the beer and the music is louder with me. But there are girls here in this bar and I believe they want to have a good time with you. It’s a great place to people watch and as long as you do not mind screaming at someone to conversations it is all good. Buy your girl a drink and who knows what can happen. Well, they know but you just hope only you know. If you dont know how to date a girl, read more for experience .

dating hanoi vietnam pub
Best place for a cheap beer and dating hanoi vietnam

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Some useful tips how to attract Vietnamese girls

Years ago attract Vietnamese girls are very hard because they very shy went talk to foreign man unless they are friend of girls ‘s friends. It is impossible if you want to contact with her.

Now aday, internet and open mind girls more and more frequently go to dating sites and social like Twitter, Facebook… So many guys with good appearance easy in attract Vietnamese girls. In many ways the Vietnam girl learn making up very quickly. They become more and more beautiful base on their natural beauty. If you want to attract a young and beauty Vietnam girl. It doesn’t matter if you’re born good looking, but you do have to work if you want attract Vietnamese girls. Oh wait.. Why we must try to attract and dating vietnamese girl? Reasons here.

Hair, nails, teeth

Barbers are 40.000VND. Please get yourself a haircut and take care of any odd neck hair, ear hair, and nose hair that we all have. I think short or long hair it does not matter, looking simple and suitable with your face. It ‘s perfect.

Attract vietnamese girl easy with simple hair style
With simple hair style you can attract vietnamese girls easily

All girl in the world hate when a man’s nails are not trimmed down.

Teeth whitening is very cheap in Vietnam. Smiling front of a Vietnam girl you can let her fall in love, Why? let check. if you have god smile. Just kidding! Haha. Whiskey is not mouth wash, so bring gum or breath mints with you.


Having a playful accessory is a good idea because it’s like your built in conversation piece. This could be a necklace, a funky bracelet, or crazy sunglasses. just one accessory is good enough to give a girl something to grab a hold of.


Age is going to Impact what you look best it and what you can get away with. So I’ll give you some general guidelines and you can adapt them to your age. Attract Vietnamese girls is not hard mission.

Polo shirts, V-necks: I think this is should be the staple item for guys. You want to get mainly solid color polo’s. They’re versatile so you can wear them on a lunch date, and you can wear them to dinner with jeans.

Shorts: Color blue and tan khaki shorts and they do not have a ton of pockets.

Wearing attract vietnamese girls
Wearing attract vietnamese girls some useful tips for guys to take girl s heart

Jeans – Nothing is more important than a pair of jeans that fits well. They should fit properly cover the very top part of your shoe so socks aren’t visible.

Shoes – If you’re wearing shoes, like actual shoes, you must match your belt and your shoes up. Also match your socks with your shoes.

it’s a good starting point, find your girls and it’s something to read before hitting a day of bargain shopping.

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Or research about vietnamese girl characters:

What are vietnamese girl characters

Want to find out a girl Vietnam, the first thing you care about vietnamese girl characters. 

Vietnamese Women are beautiful, honest and loyal to love and romance, relationship and for marriage, no matter where they live. A Vietnamese girl always tries to support her marriage because it is all her life, always treats her husbands with respects. Some Vietnamese ladies are smarter than their husbands, but they still let the man lead the family. She can sacrifice her own benefits for her husband and children. It does not matter where she live. Vietnam girls always keep their culture.

Vietnamese girl characters are not only pretty physically but their faithful characteristic to the husbands make them unique. I You won’t see from a Western girl who takes care of her children as diligent as Viet girls. A Vietnamese wife takes good care of the house and keeps it clean. She cooks delicious meals and runs all errands at home. You can watch TV shows while your wife cooks dinner. She can listen to her husband, accept who he is, and sacrifice her own benefits like careers for her man and children. Now learning to date vietnamese ladies not easy. vietnamese girl characters 1

Vietnamese women are extraordinary in their characteristic. The most important factor that makes Vietnamese girls unique from Western girls is the cultured values they always keep. There is hardly a divorce in Vietnamese couples. They try to maintain a relationship. Another benefit of Vietnamese girls is that they know how to save money.

Getting married with a Vietnamese bride bring you luck in life because she will support you. Vietnamese girl is pretty and gentle, take good care of her husband and children. Find vietnamese bride profiles.

Some of vietnamese girl characters:
* Vietnamese women are quite shyness in communication, especially in love.
* They love themself owned a white or pink kin
* They do not like you prise them sexy, they will think you have bad mind. Instead of prise them beautiful or cute. They very like it.
* Love or marry foreign is an extraordinary action in the eyes of Vietnam girls. But now more and more Vietnam girls marry foreign man.
* To love vietnamese girls you need process of care, care for her before she say love you. So you have to be patient .
* Vietnamese women belive in fate both in life and marriage
* Vietnamese very interested in family life. Take care of her family and see it grow is the most happiest they want.
For more information please find vietnamese girls for matchmaking even you can find your true wife. Meet Women in Vietnam through a agency, it really good or not?


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  • Vietnamese women characteristics all things to know.

How to date vietnamese girl

How to date vietnamese girl all you must know

What you must know before date vietnamese girl, very important if want to successful

Almost vietnamese girl’s height between 150cm to 165cm and some taller than the average. They very beautiful when wearing traditional clothes – Ao Dai. If you want to dating a Vietnamese girl you better taller than her.

Many vietnamese girl has whitening skin, some have yellow. Look very attractive. They look nice slim and moreover they are tender.

Their cultural, living and other aspects are different from your country, so it takes some time to understand and adapt to each other and your family members. Must learned to be patient. Because problems in everyday life are unavoidable. You have to take care of your bride for a period after marriage. She perhaps cannot find a job owing to different factors such as unfamiliarity with your country and little language obstacles.

If you really want to marry the Vietnam girl, you had better meet and dating with her in Vietnam before marrying. This is for your benefit. After first sight, you can have further understanding of the Vietnam girl you dating online.Date vietnamese girl all you must know

Most of the Vietnam girls can take good care of their whole family and her family and husband are everything to her. After marrying you should care for her. Respect to be respect. Then your marriage will be happier and happier.

Vietnam girls are independent and can earn their own living. So don’t think they choose marry you because they love your money. On one hand, there is no doubt that some Vietnamese women want cross cultural marriage in order to raise the standard of living. Because in some regions and villages of Vietnam the family finance is tight.

And now, How to date vietnamese girl?

  1. You must be the first move: whether you are in Ha Noi or HCM,  you have spotted her, or you are looking for one online, you will have to make the first move. Break the wall between both of you.
  2. Be a sincere conversationalist: When you’re talking to a girl, say something you actually mean. When she responds listen with your eyes contact and try to move the conversation to a place that feeling. Of course, the conversation should be appropriate for the setting. Still, it should be possible to say something meaningful about the music, the crowd, or the feel of the evening that shows her you are enjoying the moment with her.
  3. Comfortable: it’s very important that she feels comfortable being herself with you. If you say something critical, even in jest, it could let the relationship fail. Ask a lot of questions to her and reply answer about you. It is transfer information. Then follow up with comments that let her know you are listening and care about what she’s saying.
  4. Being a Good Date: Put effort into your first date. Take her somewhere special. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should be clear you put some thought into it. Share your favorite cuisine with her, or take her to a beautiful scenic spot for a picnic. Your hand on her back while you are waiting in line for tickets, hold hands during a movie, you must let your girl feel with the girl you are dating. Make sure all are consensual.
  5. Reliable: Do it when you say you will. Introduce her to your friend, and gone on a few dates, a great way to get to know each other better is to introduce the girl you’re interested in to your friends. If they hit it off, you might be encouraged to take the relationship to a deeper level.
  6. Sometimes also throw in some romantic surprises. The surprises will depend on the personality of the girl let try cooked dinner for her or sent her flowers at work or planned a fun weekend trip. She’ll be impressed by your thoughtfulness if you mix it up sometimes.
  7. Join Vietnamese matchmaking sites: We are in the digital century where almost every aspect of our social life has gone online. Choose a good site, one that is popular and for which you can read reviews. Create a good profile, write about you with true words, don’t use arrogant lecture, with a few or several good photos of yourself taken outdoors. And you must serious when date vietnamese girl. See our packages here
  8. Asking her for meeting between you and her friends, her familys: It make her feel you are very serious in relationship. Family comes first and the members take every opportunity to meet in the holidays. If you are serious about a future together, she will be ready to show you off to her people.
  9. Gentle man: If you have a daughter how would you like men to treat her? Date vietnamese girl: Be a gentleman, pay the food and drinks bills, the cab fare and pull out a chair for her.

Reasons you should dating vietnamese girl

Reasons you should dating vietnamese girl

If you want to dating vietnamese girl, be careful because you will fall in love with her. They have exotic facial features and a beautiful skin complexion. Let discover some reasons why Vietnamese girl are wonderful to date

Classy Ladies

Vietnamese girl have her traditional brought up by their families to act like classy ladies. Soft spoken and demure. When in a dating relationship, they can blush at the littlest things. A Vietnamese woman dont like attention of other men. Instead, she’ll be busy on you. They won’t acting when taking her out on a vietnamese girl


I love woman’s long hair. Most young vietnamese girl would never dare cutting their hair short while rarely she a girl with a short hair. And being a man, you’re probably well aware of how attractive the long hair show up.


Dating vietnamese girl, and you will find their modesty. Instead, they’re more interested in getting to know you and wont spend an entire evening talking about themselves. So, easy to keep the conversation going. However, worthy more than to be on a date with a beautiful girl.

Secret beautiful

Happy to know that most Vietnamese women tend to dress on the conservative side. Have you heard about Ao Dai, let search on internet and seem how beautiful they have. It’s basically a long tunic worn over a pair of long pants. Ao Dai completely covers the girl’s body, but it’s still sexy. Why let find out. See our beautiful ladies’s profiles here

Their largest concern are Family Oriented

Only interested in dating vietnamese girl you can eventually marry? Then a family oriented girl is all what you need. if you are too lucky to get vietnamese girl to marry you or you have help from vietnam brides agency, you will forever be the center of her world.

OK thank man have read about reason you should dating vietnamese girl, if you in trusted matchmaking the girl online you can see more in our website. We have some free package for you.

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 video how to dating vietnamese girl



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