Ms My 1993

#815 My, lives in Hanoi. 08-05-1993. 165cm / 60kg, English and Chinese. I like to cook and take care of young children, enjoy family care, live introvert, enjoy shopping and travel. I hate lies. I want to find a husband who cares about sharing difficulties in life, always cares about my feelings, someone who knows how to spend time with his family can cook with me, he needs work stabilizing.The family have 8 people: parents, 4 sisters and an older brother, all married. Private life.

Ms Kim 1995

#804 Kim, currently in HCM. April 25, 1995. 155cm weight 48. Basic english. I like to travel with my lover, especially like cooking, personality, affection, sharing and understanding. Hate most fake and heartless people. Having a stable income, more than I am about 5-10 years old, caring and caring, working together to do simple things, a humble man who knows how to apologize in time, has some humor.

Girl 1998s matchmaking

Ms Anh. August 29, 1998. Height 151cm Weight 46kg. Cheerful personality, straightforward. Like to travel and cuisine. Find husband: Love listens and shares with his wife from work to everything in life, stable income, qualified to care for his wife and children.
My family has 6 siblings, I am the youngest, my siblings have own family, now I live with my parents.

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한국 소년은 베트남 소녀를 만났을 때 결혼하지 않겠다는 맹세를 포기했다.

그 모임은 6 년 전 이었지만 여전히 Nguyen Thai Hoa의 마음 속에 있습니다 (빈 푸 from의 28 세). 그날 한국인 인 32 세의 은세는 2 년간 남편이었습니다. 그들은 Ho Chi Minh City의 2 구역 아파트에 Cún이라는 짧은 머리 고양이를두고 행복하게 살고 부모라고 주장합니다.

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